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James Bailey

Assistant Professor

Contact Information:

Sullivan Hall 118


Ph.D. - Economics Temple University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Health Economics, Health Insurance, Labor Economics, Entrepreneurship, Regulation

Selected Publications:

Bailey, J. (2019) Can health spending be reined in through supply restraints? An evaluation of certificate-of-need laws. Journal of Public Health.(27), 755–760.

Bailey, J. Dave, D. (2019) The Effect of the Affordable Care Act on Entrepreneurship among Older Adults. Eastern Economic Journal.(45), 141-159.

Bailey, J. (2017) Health insurance and the supply of entrepreneurs: new evidence from the affordable care act. Small Business Economics.

Bailey, J. Thomas, D. (2017) Regulating away competition: the effect of regulation on entrepreneurship and employment. Journal of Regulatory Economics.(52), 237–254.

Bailey, J. (2016) The Effect of Certificate of Need Laws on All-Cause Mortality. Health Services Research.

Bailey, J. Webber, D. (2016) Health Insurance Benefit Mandates and Firm Size Distribution. Journal of Risk and Insurance.

Bailey, J. Chorniy, A. (2016) Employer-Provided Health Insurance and Job Mobility: Did the Affordable Care Act Reduce Job Lock?. Contemporary Economic Policy.(34), 173-183.

Depew, B. Bailey, J. (2015) Did the Affordable Care Act's dependent coverage mandate increase premiums?. Journal of Health Economics.(41), 1-14.

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